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At just five years old, Treslyn Allaine ran away from home. The only items important enough to pack in her overnight bag? You guessed it – a dozen or so of her favorite books. No pajamas, no toothbrush, no fluffy teddy bear. Just books. She was independent, sassy, and tackling life on her own terms. 

The same holds true for Treslyn today. Give her a good book and a cape, and the woman is out to save the freaking world. Heroism is in the blood when a girl grows up reading about bold characters who overcome wickedly demented twists and turns to triumph in their epic tales. Yep, it’s all about that happy ending.

Her earliest stories sprang from people-watching with her dad, but Treslyn’s first serious attempt at writing was birthed from the hazy tendrils of a dream and a single line of lingering words. She captured the phrase before it evaporated, and her imagination fired. 

What sort of character would utter such a thing? Ah… Male: alpha, lethal, bent on vengeance, and more than a little bit broken on the inside. Her leading man fleshed out in all his imperfect, if solitary, glory. 

The next question: who was the mysterious woman capable of provoking his mutterings? As if he conjured her himself, his fiery, freckled siren sprang to life, the woman who wreaked havoc on his senses and upended his carefully constructed plans for revenge. Toss in an evil villain and a cause worthy of defending, and a plot was born. 

With enthusiastic encouragement from her cheerleaders, Treslyn wrote that first sentence and then a paragraph. The characters clamored to tell their own story, and her inaugural book, Bayou Blood, emerged from the beautiful chaos.

Oh, but the tale weaves on… Pull up a chair. This is where it gets good.

Bayou Blood launched an eight-book series, The LeVieux Blood Chronicles, packed with passion and suspense. Meet the LeVieux family. These take-charge men stop at nothing to romance the strong-willed women who bring them to their knees. Explore unusual paranormal gifts and other-worldly dimensions. Every volume delivers happily-ever-after romance, liberally sprinkled with Cajun spice and a dash of dysfunctional family mayhem.

When her fingers are not racing over a keyboard, Treslyn works and plays under the Sonoran Desert’s scorching sun in southern Arizona. She savors the southwestern flavors and the laid-back lifestyle, and basks in her own love affair with the man of her dreams. Sorry, ladies; this one’s off the market.

Treslyn loves reader interaction, so connect with her on social media. For exciting exclusive content, sneak previews, insider-only discounts, and updates on current projects, CLICK and tell me where to send it. See you on the inside!