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BAYOU BLOOD - Book 1 - The LeVieux Chronicles

If you crave redemptive love, pulse-pounding danger, and supernatural twists,
​you’ll love Treslyn Allaine’s series-starter!

Olivia Broussard is living on the edge, caught in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a violent predator. Terrified and desperate to protect her young son, she’s had enough. In a bold move, she hires the one man lethal enough to protect her from the madman. But how much of her murky past must she reveal to gain his cooperation? Will his price be too high?

Caleb Rand might be a former SEAL, but he’s nobody’s guardian angel, least of all hers. He’s a bitter and cynical warrior, battle-hardened and hellbent on a single purpose: vengeance. Rand jumps at the chance to take down his target, the blood-thirsty drug lord who has them in his crosshairs. And the woman? She’s a means to an end, and nothing more. He won’t hesitate to sacrifice her in the name of revenge.

When her son disappears, Olivia and Rand are lured deep into the Louisiana bayous by the mysterious LeVieux family. In their swampy paranormal world, Olivia and Rand’s loyalties are tested, and passions ignite. But can Olivia trust Rand to protect her – mind, body, and soul? Or will Olivia’s secrets get him killed?

Bayou Blood is the first installment in The LeVieux Blood Chronicles, a paranormal romantic suspense series. If you crave redemptive love, pulse-pounding danger, and supernatural twists, you’ll love Treslyn Allaine’s spelling-binding series!

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